Penn State Shops for Clothing, Gifts and Health

Something that many people like to do in downtown State College is shop! There are many different types of stores from clothing, to fine jewelry! On this page you will find a list of clothing stores and unique shops located around the downtown area.

Clothing, Penn State Apparel and Gifts

Old State Clothing CoThe Old State Clothing Company – Located on College Ave, the Old State Clothing Company has several Penn State items including hats, sweatshirts, T-shirts, jerseys and more. They also have graduation gifts and Diploma frames for when your student reaches the big day!

The Family Clothesline – Also located on College Avenue the Family Clothesline specializes in Penn State gifts and clothing. They carry several Nike items with the Penn State logo and a wide selection of infant and toddler clothing so you can start your Penn State fans young!

Penn State Nittany NotesNittany Notes – A store where you can buy notes taken by students with high GPA’s to help prepare for exams. These notes are actually very commonly used, and from the experience of the staff at PSU Moms the notes have always been good. However, the notes will not land you a guaranteed A they are mostly just supplemental and provide extra insight on something you might have missed in class. They are FAR from study guides or ‘Cliffs Notes’.

Old Main Frame ShopThe Old Main Frame Shop – This store, located on College Avenue across from Old Main, is one of the most interesting stores on the street. It is full of different sized photographs of picturesque sites around State College, the football games at Beaver Stadium and several other off topic items. The photographs are put in nice frames, and sold for placement in your home or apartment. This store is truly a “you have to see it to believe it” location and is whole heartedly recommended by the PSU Mom staff.

For Men Only Haircuts – This haircut establishment made our list because of its interesting atmosphere. As the name denotes, it is a place for men only and specializes in very modern and fashionable hair styles. They even offer you a beer while you wait (if you are of age of course) and typically engage in good conversation. If you like that kind of thing, this place is a spot you will want to stop by for a haircut.

Growing Tree Toys – On 202 S. Allen St, Growing Tree Toys specializes in educational toys and has a wide variety of children’s items. This would be one of the several places to stop by for the children in your Penn State Family!

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