Penn State University Park Grocery, Grooming and General Stores

GiantGiant Food Store – The best Giant Foods is located off of Atherton street on East College and Limerick Rd. Make sure to check online for a listing of sales and Bonus Card offers.

WeisWeis Markets - Located surprisingly right near the Giant on East College and Limerick Road. Weis seems to be a little more expensive than Giant and sometimes have less inventory. However, it is all about comparison shopping and if the best deal is available at Weis, go there!

Wal MartWal-Mart – The best Wal-mart Location is on 1665 North Atherton Place. It is a super Wal-Mart which includes a full sized grocery store along with the rest of the store. Wal-mart provices everyone with excellent discounts and savings, no member's card needed.

CVSCVS - There is a CVS pharmacy and drug-store located on the corner of Pugh Street and Beaver Avenue. The prices are a little high as you would expect from a convenience drug store, but they are not unreasonable. The location is great and they have an excellent supply of everything you would need for your apartment and lots of supplies for class.

SupercutsSuper Cuts and Holiday Hair - These more basic haircut establishments are located on the North and South Side of Beaver Avenue near Allen Street. There is sometimes a wait but at both places you can call ahead for an 'appointment' and stop in at the time the give you to get a haircut right away.

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