Banking at Penn State - College Banking Tips

Choosing the best bank while attending Penn State University Park is relatively simple. PNC has the best facilities, an excellent staff, and you can even link your PNC bank account to your Penn State student ID+ card.

Banking at Penn StateHaving a bank account is hopefully something that your student has had experience with in the past, however for some it may be a new endeavor. If your student does not have a bank account we recommend that you setup both a savings and a checking account for use while in college. It is essential for creating a successful budget and a key to becoming financially responsible.

We recommend you setup your new accounts with PNC bank based purely on convenience. Setting up your new accounts with PNC is free and you can set them up after choosing from a variety of different plans based on your needs. There is a student account that you can apply for which has no fees for anything involved. Totally free student checking is something all parents and students alike will love. Here is a link to the PNC Bank main page.

Having your own bank accounts is a great first step in learning about finances. Another added bonus is the longer you keep these accounts in good standing, the better your personal credit rating will become.

Financial responsibilities your student needs to learn before college

Using checks in State CollegeYour student will need to learn a number of simple things before they go to college to help them handle their money while they are away from home. It sounds silly, but the first thing we'd like to go over is making sure your son or daughter knows how to use an ATM. The amount of people that we have seen failing miserably at using an ATM, with a line of frustrated students behind them, is simply astonishing. The second thing students must know is that a check book is NOT a credit card. Too many times have we been in line at PNC and heard the teller explaining to a puzzled student "you must have the money in your checking account to be able to write that check!". Make sure your student understands and can explain back to you the standard rules of a checking account. Here are some of the basics

If you would like to discuss banking ideas and experiences, please visit the PSU Moms Messageboard.