The LionCash+ Card & StudentID+ for Penn State students

Lion CashLionCash+ is a system provided by Penn State that essentially turns your student ID card into a flexible spending account with similar functions as a debit card. This card will work in any campus eating establishment and at more than 200 stores and restaurants in State College. You can click here for a full list of places that accept LionCash+ at the University Park Campus.

Setting up a LionCash+ Account

A LionCash+ account is very simple to setup. You can get started by visiting the LionCash+ website. Use your son or daughter’s Penn State ID, last name, and Penn State University Access Account to login. From there, you can use any Visa or MasterCard (both credit and debit) to deposit funds into the account. Your son or daughter can also deposit funds themselves using cash at any of these locations:

Choosing between a LionCash+ account or an A-La Board Meal Plan

Depositing a monthly amount of cash into a LionCash+ account for your student can actually be cost beneficial vs an A-La Board meal plan in several situations. The rule of thumb here is that if you plan to eat two to three meals a day on campus, then you should purchase an A-La Board meal plan. If you only think you are going to eat less than two meals a day on campus, then you should make use of LionCash+. The reason for this comes from the large subsidy payment you make when buying a meal plan. You pay a large sum with your tuition and get a certain amount of “points” on you’re A-La Board account. If you don’t use these points, obviously the meal plan is wasted and makes the use of LionCash+ an awesome alternative. LionCash+ carries over from the spring to the fall semester, but not year to year so make sure you plan accordingly.

Look for this sign to use Lion CashLion Cash Benefits and Discounts

Another nice benefit to having LionCash+ is the monthly discounts it provides. Several participating stores offer discount incentives if you pay using LionCash+. You also get a 10-20% discount at most on campus food-service locations.

Please share any tips and experiences you may have with the LionCash+ system on the PSU Moms Messageboard.