The Financial Top 5 by PSU Moms

For our "Financial Top 5" we chose to unveil the five best ways to save money while attending college.

Tip #1: Smart grocery shopping

Giant Bonus Card will Save you Money in State CollegeWhen grocery shopping, check for the lower cost store brands and any available sales and discounts. Sign up for a Bonus Card at GIANT which will allow you to take advantage of many buy one get one free offers almost any day of the week. Clipping coupons is also an excellent way to save while shopping and something you could do as a unique gift for your student!

Tip #2: Creating a reasonable budget

Creating a budget will help you manage your daily cash expenditures and put into perspective just how much money you actually spend on things you don't need. Cutting out excessive impulse buys is one of the best ways to control your cash flow. If you haven't seen it already, you can view our tutorial on creating a successful budget.

Tip #3: Limiting your monthly fees

Save money by turning your heat downDo you subscribe to movie channels or premium sports packages in your apartment? How about your electricity bill, do you leave your lights on all day and the heat running full blast while you are at class? If so, cutting back on these can be excellent places to save some money. If you set your thermostat down just one degree during the winter months, you will see a significant reduction in your heating bill. All of these little things can add up to a lot of extra money in your pocket.

Tip #4: Shopping for clothes and shoes online

Save money by using ebay for clothesIf you have bought clothing and shoes from a company before, chances are you already know your size. Many large clothing stores such as Old Navy and Aeropostale have "online only" discounts and special offers. The best part about it is you never have to leave your apartment, and if you need to return an item, you can just ship it back! eBay believe it or not is actually another excellent source to save money on clothes and shoes. Several eBay stores offer factory pricing on many of your favorite items.

Tip #5: Wal-Mart

Save money in State College with Wal MartThere is a Wal Mart located on North Atherton street only a few miles off of campus. Wal Mart offers outstanding savings on a huge variety of items. It also has a grocery store and an excellent selection of school supplies. Just shopping here will lead to many discounts, not even necessarily marked, they are just able to sell at low prices everyday! It's cheesy to say but it is a great place to go if you want to save money, that's why they're so popular.