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College Living and Life at Penn State

Penn State Old Main Our college life at Penn State section offers valuable information for students looking to live on our around the University Park Campus. You will find excellent information about suitable on campus housing, State College apartments, student parking and tips to improve your lifestyle while attending college.

Penn State Dorm Buildings

The 2019 Fall Semester has Begun

The new school year is underway! Students are now moved in, classes have begun and Penn State Football is already 2-0 on the season. We'd like to take this opportunity to direct you to our page outlining the top college dorm room essentials.

Please also visit our discount student textbooks page which will give you the absolute best price on the textbooks your students needs for the classes they've chosen for the fall semeseter at Penn State University.

Services at Penn State

While on this page you can view different materials provided by the Penn State University regarding on campus food services. To be better prepared for college life, your student should also be aware of the health services provided by Penn State.