Top 5 Tips For Scheduling Classes at Penn State

Tip #1: Know when your first day of registration begins

Penn States Academic CalendarThe first thing you will need to know is the day your registration becomes available. It is different for everyone based on your seniority and how many credits you have taken in past semesters. Don't assume just because you are a junior and your friend is a junior that you will have the same registration date because nine times out of ten you will not.

Tip #2: Have a premade list of classes you wish to take prior to registration

You should have a list of the classes you wish to take prior to the day you are supposed to register. A great way to do this is to copy down all the numbers of the classes you wish to register for into an Excel spreadsheet or Word document. When it is time to register, you can literally copy and paste the numbers into the form and be done in less than a minute.

Tip #3: Midnight is the first minute you can schedule your classes

Scheduling Your Classes at Penn StateThat's right, if your registration day is December 02, then the first minute you can schedule your classes is 12am (late night on December 01). We recommend that classes be scheduled at midnight for the sole reason of class size. If you wait too long and a class you want gets filled, it could ruin your whole schedule.

Tip #4:

This website allows you to input all of the classes you wish to take into an easy to use interface. It returns every possible section combination of the list of classes you entered. Since this website gives you all possible combinations for your classes it is great if you want to have Friday's off or all afternoons free. Click here to go to the website and try it for yourself!

Tip #5: The degree audit feature on your student eLion page

Penn State's Degree Audit FeatureOne of the most common concerns is "I know what my major is, but I don't know what classes I have to take for it". This can be easily figured out by speaking with your advisor; however if you view your eLion student page you can also find out by looking at a 'degree audit' with all your required classes listed. They will have marks next to them if you've taken them, taken something equivelent or still need to take them. eLion also lists the grades you earned in those completed courses.