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Welcome to the Official Penn State Moms Website

Welcome to the PSUMoms Website

This website serves as a high quality resource for moms and parents who are sending their sons and daughters to Penn State University. Our website is packed with valuable, time saving information you can use to help your future or current student get the most out of their Penn State experience. This site is developed by current and former students alike, which gives us a unique angle to provide only the best and most relevant information

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The Penn State 2021-2022 Academic Year

We are now deep into the Fall Semester at Penn State University. We hope your students are having the time of their lives and making the most of their educational experience at Penn State. Unfortunately the Nittany Lions have hit a bit of a road block when it comes to football, but we know the rest of the season is going to be great and look forward to seeing them in a special bowl game! Please remember that as the weather gets colder and students congregate indoors to stay healthy safe and aware. The Penn State covid page can be found here.

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Information about Penn State University

Let's face it, searching for college information can be difficult and frustrating. Here at PSUMoms, we sort through all the fluff and provide you with the most relevant and up to date information about the entire Penn State experience

Types of resources and information

Penn State Lion Cash Using the options in the navigation window you will find several categories to choose from which you can use to view the information this site has to offer. Important research into subjects such as student housing, student loans, LionCash+, on campus banking and even Penn State football can help you and your student prepare for the hard work and lots of fun which will be the result of going to college at Penn State

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Penn State Moms Messageboard PSUMoms previously offered free email accounts to all visitors, but this service became so popular that our email servers filled up and our staff could not keep up with the demand. Recently we have cleaned up our inboxes, reset the system and once again offer email addresses to members who make any size donation. Sign up and show your pride while supporting the site and its developers.

We encourage you to bookmark our site and come back as often as you like to check your email and keep current with campus activity. We will be adding and updating new articles frequently, so the more you check back the more excellent information you will have access to. If there is something Penn State Studentyou'd like to know more about, just send us a message and we will see what we can do to add information to the site

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Ask a Penn State Student

Finally, Please try our "Ask a Student" section where your questions will be answered as best they can by actual students attending the Penn State University Park campus! Please allow 48 hours for a response as our students are very busy studying and attending classes!